This page is dedicated basically to keeping track of all my recipes, research, and ideas. So many times I want to revisit something I learned, or remake a recipe from the past. My husband always complains I need to start writing recipes down because they don’t always turn out the same next time! 😛

As far as recipes go, I focus on eating little to no processed food, sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free. I only keep the best of the best and what both me and my husband have approved. Most of the food I make is inspired by a recipe and created by me. Unless it is a baked good, then I typically follow the recipe.

I battle with multiple autoimmune disorders so I’ve become somewhat of a health freak. I am constantly reading up on new research for all kinds of things health related from food and diet to exercise, household care, cleansing, detox, supplements, etc. I always do research with anything I hear or read to see exactly what is going into my body and if it is actually healthy and beneficial.

I also became a proud mama in March 2014 and again April 2016. And with that came more new and exciting research! Especially on how to prevent my daughters from developing the same diseases I have.

My passion in life is animals, dogs especially. I train dogs and have my own pack at home. I focus on fun training like tricks and agility training.

I have recently come to love working out through a program introduced to me by a friend. It has encouraged, motivated, and inspired me because I found myself consistently working out and logging my progress. I also found I would connect with God during this time, so it has been a great thing for my faith. In doing this I was so inspired that I wanted to help others achieve their goals physically, spiritually, emotionally, and live their lives happy and to the fullest! Check out this page to learn more.

I am blessed to have married a farmer and jack of all trades, so I live in the country and have developed my own way of homesteading on the farm. From gardening to raising chickens for eggs and our own livestock for meat.

My life is focused on God and living a happy life. Finding the joy in the small things and focusing on the big picture. Living in this world but not of this world.

Our Family


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