This Girl’s Getting FIT


I have recently become extremely motivated and inspired by a program introduced to me by a friend. It’s an older company that most people have probably heard of so to avoid the nay-sayers and you jumping to conclusions based on past experience or what you’ve heard… I’m going to tell you what’s happening in my life and go from there 🙂

Diet and nutrition are extremely important, but exercise is too! I have struggled with getting enough exercise and actually being motivated to work out since rugby my freshman year in college. That was 6 years ago!

Recently a friend asked me to join an accountability group to work out from home and the group would be there to encourage and inspire us to keep pushing forward. I agreed because I really do want to work out but I never could get myself to commit.

Three weeks later, here I am, working out almost every day and inspired as all get out to help others achieve their physical, emotional, and spiritual goals! This program and accountability made it fun, almost competitive, and encouraging when I started seeing results. Just last night my husband did what husbands do; he touched my butt and was impressed by how nice it’s feeling ! Haha! I loved hearing that. As a wife, I continue to want to impress my husband and give him new reasons to fall in love with me.

Another awesome but unexpected outcome of this is that I found myself making time for working out and so during my cool down I made it important to make time for God. Quiet time is almost unheard of with all our animals and two small children. So finding myself alone with the Lord for even just a little bit of time during and after working out has done wonders for my faith.

I am now trying to encourage others to find themselves, a happiness in being healthy and reaching a point where they are spiritually, emotionally, and physically happy and healthy.

I encourage you to contact me from the form below if you are interested to learn more about what I did. I love talking about it and would love to help you achieve your goals! Watch this video too:


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