SCD “International Delight” Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

Yep, that’s what I said – International Delight, or Coffee Mate – or whatever your preferred creamer brand is. Coffee is my weakness, my downfall, my straight up addiction. When I was trying to eat healthy by eliminating processed foods and sugars prior to starting SCD – my biggest weakness was still drinking those oh-so-yummy but oh-so-incredibly-unhealthy coffee creamers from the grocery store. So when I started my SCD adventure, I knew my first goal was to find a creamer that was legal and satisfied my very picky coffee taste. 

I browsed the internet and tried SO many recipes. Most of them called for almond or coconut milk, but the coconut milk was so watery and I hated that flavor in my coffee. I also don’t like the taste of almond milk and it wasn’t creamy like I wanted. I tried all these recipes with extra flavors (even fresh vanilla bean!) and nothing turned out to my liking – UNTIL NOW!

Yes, I finally discovered an amazing creamer that I LOVE. It came to me one night that one of the most popular flavors is hazelnut, so why couldn’t you make hazelnut milk? Why you can! I did some research and found a site that talked about making hazelnut milk and how a local coffee shop of theirs actually made their lattes out of this homemade milk. Yeah – real steamed “milk” with espresso lattes – how yummy does that sound!

*PLEASE READ* I found a recipe for creamer from hazelnut milk using dates as the sweetener. I tried this first – YUCK! No, no no. The hazelnut flavor was extreme and bitter and the dates were either lost in the mix or complimented that flavor way too much. Then I used honey and this was the key. The honey offset the hazelnut flavor and added that yummy sweetness like the grocery store creamers. ALSO – hazelnut milk gave me that creaminess I had been looking for. It actually turns the coffee that light brown creamy color and adds good texture – hooray! ALSO don’t expect it to taste just like the fake stuff – it is still nut milk and may require a bit of an acquired taste but I highly encourage you to try this if you are looking for something SCD, Paleo, Dairy free. It is actually VERY good – especially compared to all the other recipes I have found. If you like the strong hazelnut flavor, you can enhance it by roasting the nuts first (try without first) and reducing the amount of sweetener.

Here’s how to achieve the yumminess:

1 cup raw hazelnuts (filberts) –  soaked in water for at least 10 hours

2 cups filtered water (Can use 3 cups if you want it thinner, but 2 cups is the perfect creamer)

1/2 cup honey (I got rave reviews with 1/3 cup so you might want to try less first, even as little as 4 tbsp. I LOVE the super sweetness in my creamer which is why I use 1/2 cup)

2 tbsp. vanilla (you may also go less on this as well, or omit it)

Add everything to a Vitamix or high powered blender and blend for a minute or two until everything is incorporated and the nuts are well blended.You may taste it if you like at this point, but expect the little ground up nuts to throw off the texture a bit. Pour this mix into a nut bag (I HIGHLY recommend using a nut bag, you will get much, much more creamer than using a dish towel or fine cheese cloth) and squeeze as much liquid as you can out into a bowl. Store in a sealed container for 1-2 weeks (not sure how long this exactly lasts, it always gone within a week for me!). The creamer will separate in the fridge, but don’t be worried, just shake it up and pour into your delicious coffee 🙂



2 thoughts on “SCD “International Delight” Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

    • Hi Laurie, Glad you liked this! I am so sorry for the late reply, I was kind of off this page for awhile but now back and running strong! I have not tried any hazelnut pulp recipes but that is a great idea. Cookies, Muffins, Breads, the options are endless.

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