Zucchini Fries/ Fried Zucchini

This recipe was found at Feng Shui Dana. I altered the recipe for one zucchini. I also used homemade SCD Ketchup instead of the mayo because I haven’t mastered making homemade mayo yet :/ But the recipe for the mayo is on her blog (click above). Tastes better with a dipping sauce, so don’t omit!

Zucchini Fries

  • 1 lb baby zucchini with the stems removed and then cut lengthwise.  (or about 3 medium-sized zucchini cut as described above ( sliced in half to create two ends of zucchini, and then into strips lengthwise to create “fries”) You want the pieces small enough to look like fries and to fry easily.
  • peanut oil, canola oil or another high temp oil (do not use extra virgin olive oil!) to fry.
  • coconut flour (about 1/2 cup).  if you do not have coconut flour, you can try using all almond meal, though the coconut flour works great here and does not taste like coconut)
  • almond meal or almond flour (I get mine at Trader Joe’s) (about a cup)
  • seasoning for almond meal:  I used— 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp smoked paprika, and 1/2 tsp garlic powder.  You can use an Italian season blend (about 1 1/2 tsp) or any other spices you prefer to create your own flavor profile.
  • 2 eggs, well beaten.
  • A pot (a stock/soup sized pot) for frying.
  • Metal tongs (preferred) that you can get at a kitchen store or grocery for preparing and frying more safely.

To make:

Fill the bottom of your pot with about 2 inches of oil.  Yes, its a lot of oil. You are frying.

I place this on a back burner of my stove on low heat and let it heat up gradually as I get everything together.  From the moment you turn on the oil, do not leave your kitchen! If this is your first time frying, wait until you have everything prepared before turning on the oil.

Slice up your zucchini and put them on a plate.

In a small bowl, beat the eggs well.

In another bowl, add the coconut flour.  If you are using more almond meal/flour, leave it plain in this bowl.

In a third bowl add the almond flour that will now be seasoned as you wish & well-blended!

Create an assembly line: 

*Coconut flour (or plain almond flour) * then egg * then seasoned almond meal.

Take one extra plate and line it with paper towel for the finished pieces to drain. Keep it nearby.

I hold the plate of sliced zucchini in one hand and, using metal tongs,  take each piece and drop it into the coconut flour.  I shake off the excess coconut flour so they are just finely “dusted”, then dip them into into the egg. Let the excess egg drip off into its bowl.  Finally, roll the piece in the “almond spice crumbs”.

Now, carefully lower it into the hot oil.

I start with one piece.  When I see that this piece is floating and sizzling gently, I know the oil is ready to roll.  Keep the heat very low on the oil.  And keep your assembly line going.  I manage about 8 to 10 zucchini in my pot at a time.  I watch them roll around and float until they are brown.

Pluck them out with your metal tongs and place on the paper-towel-lined plate.  Then load in your next batch.  It takes three to four batches to finish all the frying to golden brown. If you oil starts getting smoky or too hot, lower it immediately.

Very important: Do not leave this unattended. I would also caution against doing it with kids or animals nearby, as you have very hot oil in motion.

Surprisingly, in a deep pot with just a few inches of oil, this is much easier than I intially suspected!

Once they are all drained on their paper-towel tray: you are ready to serve & eat!

I whipped up an easy lemon mayo dipping sauce for the side.  You may want to have with salsa or as-is, but the mayo is “awesome” and can be used for anything else this week that you’d like to make.


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